Soccer Seen Through My Eyes

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The US National men’s soccer team selected its 23-man roster today for the World Cup and I’m ecstatic to say with a few exceptions that Bob Bradley made the right choices.

Most people I know could care less about “The Beautiful Game” but I’m very passionate about the sport.  I truly believe the World Cup is the most amazing sporting event in the world, I envy the Renaldo’s, the Donovan’s, the Beckham’s, and the Rooney’s of the soccer universe.

You see they all play a sport that I played on a regular basis growing up. When I was growing up in a suburb in Connecticut, soccer was one of the most popular youth sports.  I played in rec leagues, travel teams and our high school team and many of my friendships were made on the soccer field.

I always loved the beauty, the grace and the simplicity of the game — from fancy dribbles to short finesse passes to artistic goals.  If Picasso painted a picture of soccer, it would be a masterpiece no doubt!

This past Spring I coached my older son’s U-4/5 soccer team and enjoyed it immensely.  I emphasized sportsmanship, having fun and was overjoyed to see the kids pick up a few basic technical soccer kills.

I’m also keeping active by playing on an adult rec league here in the Georgia burbs.  While I don’t have the flash and speed of my glory days (actually, I was never blessed with the SPEED), I still have a few crafty moves on the pitch. My team continues to lose most games but just getting out on the field and touching the soccer ball invigorates me like no other sport.

I really hope the World Cup becomes center stage for the girls and boys of the USA.  Once the watch, they may be obsessed with the game just like I am.


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